Jez and Chris – Denver, CO Wedding Photography

We were privileged to be chosen to photograph Jez and Chris’s wedding in August of 2014.  We just wanted to share some of our favorite pictures of the day here.  The wedding was very fun to photograph for us with lots of emotions, running the gamut from sad to happy.

The ceremony was held at St. Cajetan’s Church in Dnver and the reception was held at Mi Casa in Denver where we were able to capture some great moments of the day.  One of the funniest parts of the day were when the top of the cake fell off and was caught by Chris-very close call.

We also made a great slideshow of the day that you can view on or photo video fusion page by clicking here.

Thanks again for choosing us to photograph you Wedding Chris and Jez.  You guys are a great couple and we enjoyed all the great laughs we got from spending time with you guys.

kissing denver-0661.jpgchris flower-5672.jpgjez dress-0544.jpgcake falling-6121.jpgcake people-0690.jpgkissing veil-297.jpgchris family-5665.jpgDennis Mata-0570.jpgDennis Mata-5643.jpgDennis Mata-5650.jpgjez aisle-5709.jpgflower aisle-0575.jpghand holding sister-5753.jpghand holding-5741.jpgjez aisle-5713.jpgjez and friend-0530.jpgjez leaving-31.jpgkid dancing-6272.jpgstatue-5730.jpgveil in fron denver-0679.jpg




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