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Criticism Vs. Cynicism

I have spoke before about seeking out people to review your work to become a better photographer.  By getting constructive criticism you may be able to gain new insights from other people who have more experience than you do.  You have to be able to get criticism from the right sources though or it will not amount to an improvement in your work.

The thing that you don’t want to do is accept cynicism from other people that keep following the same paths in their certain business and try to pinhole you in to one way of doing things that might not be you.

To read more about this topic take a look at this article that will explain it a little better than I have:  On Criticism, Cynicism, & Sharpening Your Gut Instinct.

The website it is on is called the99percent.com and it is an excellent source of information on making your idea happen and business tips.

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