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Jez and Chris – Aurora Colorado Engagement Photographer

Jezabel and Chris decided to come to us for their engagement pictures and also booked us for their wedding that is scheduled in late 2013.  Chris went to high school with Maritza and we were very excited that they had seen our work on Facebook and decided to give us a call for their wedding and engagement pictures.

We took them to Bluff Lake Nature Center in Aurora, which we had never been to, to try to get some of the fall colors in the pictures to make them pop.  The trees were low enough to the ground that we were able to get a lot of color in the pictures.  They also decided to bring their new puppy to join in on the picture fun!  We had a lot of fun joking around, taking pictures, and trying to keep up with the energetic puppy.

In the beginning of the photo shoot Maritza was going to scout out a place back in the trees and decided to jump over a log.  Little did she know, there was a big bee nest inside of it.  She ended up getting stung a couple times but was able to make it through the rest of the photo shoot.  Luckily Jez, Chris and I had not made it to where she was yet.  Thanks for taking one for the team!

We really enjoyed the opportunity to take your engagement pictures Jezabel and Chris.  Can’t wait for your wedding next year!


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