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Bouncing Flash


This is my baby on her first birthday stuffing cake in her mouth, haha.  This is one of my favorite pictures from last year – and also one of the first pictures I took with my Canon 24-70mm f2.8 lens that I bought.  I like how she is so serious eating this cake (at least until the sugar kicked in and she couldn’t stop fidgeting).  I really like the lighting in this picture.  I also like the out of focus ice cream bucket in the background to give the picture some context that it was a party.

“To create interesting light, you have to create interesting shadows,” – Syl Arena.  This is what Syl says in his book Speedliter’s Handbook.  I recommend this book to any one that wants to learn how to use off camera flash.  He explains everything in this book such as: different modifiers that you can use, how to use Cannon speedlites, how to use gels and different type of lighting that you can incorporate into your shots.

Now onto explaining this shot.  Many people use the flash that is on top of their camera but that results in pictures that are flat and dull (lighting wise).  To get a better looking picture you either have to use off camera flash or bounce the flash off of something to get light that comes at your subject from somewhere besides the top of your camera.  By doing this you get more directional light which results in better shadows.  Shadows create depth in an image.  You also don’t want the flash to be too harsh which is where using a modifier such as a softbox or umbrella come in.  In this shot I did not use either of those but I did bounce the flash off of a white wall to the right of me which acts like a large modifier.  Whenever you are indoors and taking shots with a flash you should try to swivel the flash head to bounce it off of something to create better light.  I use a Canon 430ex II flash.  I think this is a good flash to get if you are just beginning because it doesn’t cost as much as the 580ex II (which is a more expensive flash because of the options it offers) but gives you enough options and flash power to create some nice shots.

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