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Noah – Cherry Creek Senior Portrait

Noah is graduating from Cherry Creek High school and wanted some urban portraits.   It was nice to change it up and get out of the parks and into downtown Denver.   He brought his VW bus down to get some photos with it as well, which was very cool.  We had a great time walking around the highlands and finding new places to take pictures in Denver.  

Looking at the picture now it looks like he even color coordinated his outfit to match the van!


We didn’t only take pictures of Noah with his VW van, (can’t use props or anything in actual senior picture) we went on to take more pictures in a different areas.  The following are some of our faves from the session.





Thanks for choosing us to take your Senior photos.  We hope you enjoy them.  Also, thanks for being a great subject and making our job easy!


Stuart & Logan – Chaparral High School Senior Portraits

We brought Stuart and Logan down to Denver to take their Senior Pictures instead of taking pictures in Parker like we had been for numerous shoots.  We had already taken some pictures of Logan before with Marissa, but since Stuart and Logan are twins we decided to take her down to Downtown Denver while doing Stuart’s pictures to see what kind of shots we could come up with.

The first set of shots that we took ended up being some of our favorites of Logan.

The red background really makes the image pop and is a lot different from what most of the shots in the Chaparral yearbook look like.

We proceeded to shoot on Millennium Bridge in Denver which took a lot of patience because the amount of people walking back and forth.  We ended up getting a few interesting shots while up there.  Here are our two faves.

We ended the session at a little park across the street from the bridge.  There were interesting backgrounds with the buildings and some   cool brick backgrounds.

Good Luck at Chap for your Senior Year you two!



Marissa – Senior Portraits in Parker, Colorado

We Photographed Marissa a few months ago just for fun with Logan but wanted to get a longer photo session with her to get some more great pictures.  Marissa is a fantastic model and we got some great shots from the afternoon that we spent with her driving around to multiple locations in Parker, Colorado.  For being a small town it is amazing how many different looking shots you can get in the same location.

This following shot is one of our favorite pictures that we have ever taken!

During our session we had a pedi-cab come up and ask if Marissa could take some photo’s on it.  We said yes and we ended up getting some shots we really liked!  You never know what can happen during a session with us, haha.

We had driven by this church on main street numerous times before but had never noticed it until our shoot on this day.  The church was old and historic and made for an interesting backdrop for some pictures.

The session ended with a blazing orange sky.  This one really stands out with Marissa and the great sunset.  The flare of light on the left side of the picture is also really cool.

Enjoy your Senior year at Chaparral this year!