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Children of Bosco Charity

This past Christmas our family went down to spend time with Maritza’s family in Loreto, Mexico.  We had a very good time while we were there, especially the day that we brought presents to the Children of Bosco.

We had shared that we were going to use the profits made from our photography business for charity causes and we decided that we would use them for 2013 to bring presents to some financially disadvantaged children.  At first we were going to use the money to fund higher education for selected students in Mexico but that turned out to be difficult to get started.  In many places in the U.S. there are charity’s that run programs where people can adopt a family and buy them gifts, but there isn’t anything like that in the town of Loreto where Maritza’s family lives.  We had done this in 2012 as well but we were not able to make it down there to actually see the children receive their gifts from all of their donors.  It was a priceless experience to be able to take part in this event and hopefully we will be able to do it again.  Without further ado I will share a couple of the event pictures and give a little more information about these children.

The Children of Bosco live in the slums of Loreto.  Many of their parents work in agriculture and earn a living of about $6.00 U.S. dollars a day, which is barely enough to feed their families day by day.  This project was initiated by Maritza’s cousin Blanca and her family who live in Loreto.  They saw the crude reality that during Christmas time these children do not have the opportunity to celebrate like most of us do.  On the contrary, it is a very depressing time for most of them.  Thanks to the help of many donors who adopted children, Christmas was made possible for over a hundred of these children.

It was hard to capture the emotion of the children with the camera after they received gifts because they were pretty scared to get their pictures taken, but it was amazing to see the joy they had in getting even the simplest gifts for the holidays.  Below are a few of our favorite pictures from the night.  You can see a handful more if you go to the Bosco Kids link under the charity tab or by clicking here: Bosco Kids Pictures.

We want to say thanks again to everyone who donated gifts for all these children and also to everyone who used our photography services in 2013 to help us pay for presents for multiple children.  We will probably make this a yearly tradition, so we hope that you use us for our photography services for 2014 to make Christmas even better for them next year!

boscoe kids-3448 boscoe kids-3413 boscoe kids-3422 boscoe kids-3434

If you are interested in donating presents to the children of Bosco for the 2014 Christmas, please visit to stay up to date later this year and see all the kids that would really enjoy another great Christmas.


Ana Victoria – Denver, Colorado Quinceañera Photographer

Quinceañera, or simply Quince, is the celebration of a girl’s fifteenth birthday in Mexican, Puerto Rican, Cuban, Central and South American traditions. This birthday is celebrated differently from any other birthday, as it marks the transition from childhood to young womanhood.  In Mexico, the birthday girl, known as the Quinceañera, is made-up with elegantmakeup. Traditionally, this would be the first time she was to wear makeup, wear high heels, and be allowed to date, however this is usually no longer the case. The Quinceañera is also expected to wear a formal evening dress. Traditionally, the dress worn by the Quinceañera to this event is an evening ball gown (

Ana Victoria’s Quinceañera was held in Denver, Colorado at Sacred Heart Catholic Church.  We had a lot of fun capturing the days’ events and wanted to show a sneak peak before we finished editing the rest of the pictures.  Hope you like them!