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Live Everyday Like It Is Your Last

This is one of the most cliché quotes most of us know but I think people really should stop and think about it more. We waste time doing things everyday that are meaningless like watching TV, browsing the internet, or just vegging out in our living rooms.  If you think about it we don’t really […]

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Staying Motivated in Photography

Sometimes I get unmotivated to take pictures.  There are many reasons that this can happen.  It can be anything from being burnt out, thinking that there is nothing to take pictures of, or just not feeling satisfied with your work and putting the camera down.  One thing that sometimes happens to me is that I […]

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Vision Statement

My vision statement: To capture ordinary, everyday subjects in a way that makes them meaningful in that specific moment in time. Everyone should create their own vision statement to help guide their photographic goal.  Everyone sees the world differently and can create an image that no one else would be able to see in the […]

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